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The Energy Consumption Rating (ECR) Initiative is a framework for measuring the energy efficiency of network and telecom devices.

In response to the growing interest from national and international standard bodies and businesses to lower the environmental and operational footprint of networking, we offer a turnkey solution for reporting, measuring and regulating energy efficiency of network and telecom components.

The ECR metric creates a common energy denominator between different network and telecom systems operating within a single class. The ECR methodology defines the procedures and conditions for measurements and calculations, and can be readily implemented with industry-standard test equipment.

The latest ECR draft specification defines rules for classifying network and telecom equipment into classes and a methodology for measuring energy efficiency within each class. The final "performance-per-energy unit" rating can be reported as a peak (scalar) or synthetic (weighted) metric that takes dynamic power management capabilities into account. This rating can be further utilized to optimize energy consumption for telecom and network equipment. Being a work in progress, the ECR draft specification is open to suggestions and corrections improving the precision of measurement and rating. [ latest spec ]

The ECR is an open initiative that welcomes participants and users from network equipment manufacturers, government agencies, carriers, and enterprises. It is immediately applicable to establish the relative energy efficiency of network components produced by different manufacturers within a solid, unified and vendor-neutral test methodology. The specification on this web site is free to the public and unlocks the potential of the minimum-resource network design, where the energy footprint is reduced in parallel with meeting and exceeding the operational objectives.
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